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The Derby Hoppers

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The Derby Horse Hoppers are great fun for all ages; with small, medium & large size Horse Hoppers.

At events, they are an ideal family attraction & can be used for Hunt Teams/ Jockeys/Celebrities Races etc, or for the general public.

They are a great crowd puller, that will have spectators screaming and shouting for their favorite jockey.

The Hoppers have their own stable (which can be used for a 'Tote' if necessary)

Once jockeys have donned their racing silks & chosen their Hopper, they line up in the starting stalls.

The starter drops his flag & they are off; through the starting gates & wobbling down the track to the finishing line. (As a relay, jockey then has to throw horse over his shoulder & run around the outside - back to the stalls, to handover his horse to the next team member)

Medals to the winners, certificates to all!

Photoshoot in the 'Winners Enclosure'


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